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Nano da!

Bu-ling's awesome story of JUSTICE

Huang Bu-ling
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awesome nano da ♥ hwang bu-ling
RP journal owned by friendshipbeam. I'd say "support Tokyo Mew Mew", but maybe once someone better than Tokyopop and 4Kids picks it up and does it justice...
an-nin: world's best sidekick, attracts big brother complexes, being the best entertainer, breathing fire, circus tricks, everyone's parents are dead, finding bad guys, finding bombs, getting money, gold-oniichan the raibaru, golden lion tamarin, gonna fight a bear, loli monkey is loli, lorena-obaachan is weird, making lots of money, making noise, melon helmets, mew pudding, money is the best, monkeys, no it's hijikata-oniichan, objection nano da, obvious kid appeal character, oniichans and oneechans, performing, performing in the infirmary, pirate stuff, props from hammerspace, rp journal, saying nano da, sweets, swinging from the chandelier, talking to monkeys, the greatest entertainer, tokyo mew mew, too-loli-for-your-memes, training, training at stupid o'clock, unicycles for everyone!, unknowingly being a monkey, using the third person, yes the monkey's real, younger siblings, your actual sister?