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Apr. 16th, 2011

Bu-ling's bored. There's a bunch of important old people around and there's nothing to do and all anyone's gonna talk about is the giant snake and we still haven't found a giant mouse. Not even a giant flying mouse.

Bu-ling's not scared, though! Big snakes are no match for Bu-ling and friends! Yeah! In fact, Bu-ling's gonna go beat up the big snake right now nano da! Then everyone will be happy.

If you get a snake in your house, you can catch it if you put a mouse someplace and wait for the snake to come and eat the mouse. Then you take the snake someplace so it's not in your house.

So all everyone needs is a giant mouse nano da!


Oww... Bu-ling fell out of the bed. There's a big mess, and something fell on An-nin, and everything was really loud just now.

What's going on?


Bu-ling doesn't know if the art guys are gonna stop fighting or not. Does anyone else know how the pictures turned into monsters?


Bu-ling's show isn't making as much money as usual. Lots of people ignored and ran away and said mean stuff to Bu-ling. Like three times as much as normal. And some people made fun of Bu-ling's ears and tail.

Is this town full of witches?



(Okay, no, she didn't, but you may have seen her around the ship with fuzzy ears and a tail that were definitely not there before. The rest comes from her insane moon logic. Finally, this icon makes sense!)


Hey, is this gonna be like the time there were a bunch of ghosts on the ship? 'Cause that was really weird and kinda scary. Except the ghost who tried to get you to walk off the ship was the worst one, and you can't walk off a town, so it's not gonna be that bad! Right?


What are things that should go into a performance for people who like pirate stuff? Orange hair oniichan said the people here like pirate stuff.


This is the best Lunasa Bu-ling's ever had nano da! Thanks a lot for all the presents! Bu-ling and An-nin really like them no da!

(Ammy people and anyone who's around town on Lunasa: Bu-ling has carved out her melon, eaten the melon, left the rind to dry, and turned the two halves into helmets for herself and An-nin. She will be wearing them all day long.)

[backdated to the 7th; voice, public]


Can Bu-ling have a cake? And a banana? And An-nin wants a banana too. But not cake. Cake is bad for monkeys, Bu-ling heard. But if it's not, he can have some.